Solar Credit Investment

Solar credit investment is design for civil servants, small business owners, big business owner small hotels, hospitals.
24 hours light is a right for every Nigeria that key into these vision.

The beauty of solar credit is that you can buy solar generator on credit and pay 50% payment upfront and spread remaining payment for monthly payment.
Note: installmental payment is allowed for customers on corporative society or with posted cheque.

Investment solar credit is for any working class in the society and you can pay installmentally.
Every registered member on solar credit investment get commission on purchase when you introduce any friends & family to buy package  or  product.
Referral pp Roi Referral 1000——-200,000 7% profit
Referral pp Roi Referral 200,000———–15,000,000 12% profit
12 month  investment programme  27% Roi investment
Every registered member has access to buy any product on credit & pay installmentally.
We have more than 100 products in stock
And also every member will be taught practical mini importation for free, how to make payment and purchase directly from manufacturers abroad.